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Let’s transform your home into a coastal style oasis!

We help you bring the best of the beach home with you (minus the sand!) with our coastal property styling services. Our dedicated team of property stylists will transform your spaces into an oasis with gorgeous beach-inspired decor and furniture to give your home a complete makeover.

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Brighten your home & make every day a beach day!

There’s a reason why the beach holds such a special place in our hearts. Close your eyes and feel the warm sun, the soft sand and the cool refreshing waves. It’s amazing, isn’t it? While we can’t spend every moment at the beach, it is possible to evoke those feelings every single day in a coastal style home. 

The Beach House Home is ready to make every day a beach day!

For lovers of seaside & coastal styling

Like you, we can’t get enough of the beach. After purchasing a beachside holiday rental property close to Brisbane, we fell in love with beach living all over again. It inspired a true sea change for us, leading us to open a store and offer dedicated property styling services to all Brisbane homeowners. Who knows what’s next? That’s the true beauty of beach living – the excitement of not knowing what the next wave will bring!

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